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2019.05.14 12:42

コンパクトな3BAカナル型イヤホン:ROSE / MINI3PRO

愛用しているROSE MINI2の後継機であり、4BAのMINI4と2BAであるMINI2の中間に位置する3BAイヤホンが登場。

The successor to my ROSE MINI2 has been released.
This is a 3BA earphone located between the MINI4(4BA) and the MINI2(2BA).
If I assume that the MINI4 has a configuration of 1Hi + 2Mid + 1Low, the sound of the middle range is emphasized, so it does not suit my taste.
However, 3BA is very desirable.
Above all, it is wonderful that the enclosure is the same as MINI2.
I’m sure I’ll buy the Mini 2.
But I’m worried about the ear-pieces.
The traditional ear-pieces fit my ears.
The pipe is so thin that you can’t even use Comply series.